This GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) + Payload Calculator allows off-road and overland vehicles to calculate Curb Weight, GVWR, and Max Payload in addition to the total weight of aftermarket modifications to total exact payload. This does not include unsprung weight (weight that is not supported by a vehicle’s suspension). While we might understand these numbers at the surface level, very rarely do we calculate the total payload of combined modifications when off-roading, overlanding, or even just driving around town. This GVWR + Payload calculator was designed for off-roaders, overlanders, and expedition-style vehicles who want to understand their true payload ratings when fully built out and what to adjust, if needed, to get that payload number under control. We also provide modification options that help to reduce weight and/or help improve performance.

Weight of the vehicle with standard equipment
Maximum weight including net weight of the vehicle
WGVWR Minus Curb Weight = Total Remaining Weight
Enter Your Weight Spec for Each category to determine your Total Added Payload.
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Curb Weight + Accessory "Mods" Weight
0 lbs
Negative (Red) number indicates weight exceeded Positive (Green) number indicates weight under Payload limit
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